The "Minitab" course helps to safely handle the surface of the Minitab software and teaches you the basic tool controls.

course objects

Learning and application of:

  • various methods to read in and organize the data and to graphically prepare it
  • basic statistical evaluation methods, such as hypothesis tests and confidence intervals, ANOVA, correlation and regression
  • Review the requirements of statistical tests and sample size estimates and selectivity with Minitab
  • practice-oriented examples in order to apply and interpret appropriate graphical and statistical evaluation methods
  • the presentation of results in a report, as well as evaluate repetitive analyses automatically via a simple macro.

seminar content

Working with Minitab (covering all course content and days):

  • Project setup and project management
  • Handling with the project manager and the Minitab file management structure
  • Using of program windows, menus, toolbars, data import and data management
  • Create and edit graphics
  • Creating and interpreting descriptive statistics.

Day 1

  • Introduction to MINITAB 18
    • Basic features of Minitab:
      • working with projects, worksheets, assistants,
      • working with graphics and layout editors;
      • inputting, reading and transcoding of data;
      • splitting and stacking of worksheets;
      • create and edit charts;
      • exporting expenses to other applications.
    • project structure,
    • data organization and important commands
  • metrological basics
    • data collection,
    • measurements and scale levels
  • Univariate Descriptive Statistics
    • frequency distributions,
    • central dimensions,
    • dispersion measures,
    • default values,
    • graphic representations
  • statistical basics
    • Probability and inferential statistics
  • graphical representation
    • clearly represent data
    • recognize correlations
  • identify patterns in data
    • identify causes of variation to initiate appropriate measures
  • basics of hypothesis test
  • hypothesis test: continuous data
    • check the null hypothesis with t-tests and confidence intervals
    • evaluate the selectivity of a hypothesis test
    • t-test with one or two samples or paired t-test
  • hypothesis test: attributive data
    • test shares of a random sample
    • compare two shares
    • perform Fisher's Exact test
    • perform chi-square test 

Day 2

  • analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    • evaluate the selectivity of an analysis of variance
    • prerequisites for performing an analysis of variance
    • General Linear Model (GLM) and multiple comparisons
  • bivariate descriptive statistics
    • correlations
    • crosstables
    • scatter diagrams
  • probability distributions
    • sample
    • population
    • normal distribution
    • averaging distribution
  • correlation and regression
  • correlation analysis
  • simple linear regression and polynomial regression
  • Response Optimizer


  • auditor match
    • comparison of error assessments made by different examiners
  • SPC and process capability
    • suitability of measuring systems
    • investigation of continuous testing processes: MSA Type I measuring equipment ability
    • investigation of continuous testing processes: MSA type II with operator influence
    • checking the quality of a process and identifying evidence for improvement
  • transform data
    • prepare non-normally distributed data in order to carry out statistical analyzes and to assume the normal distribution
  • process capability for non-normal distributed data
    • checking the quality of a process and identifying evidence for improvement
  • working with control cards for:
    • monitoring of processes
    • taking timely corrective measures.

Full-day exercises and examples on individual topics and efficient data analysis with Minitab.





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