The goal of the DMAIC method is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction at minimum cost. This is not just a quality methodology, but also a strategic initiative that connects the interests of the "customer" and "business"stakeholders by increasing customer satisfaction and company profits.

The DMAIC methodology forms a structured process model for implementing Six Sigma projects. It thus provides the conceptual framework in which the project goals are developed and their stringent implementation ensured in the phases Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control:


  • Clear definition of project goals and responsibilities
  • Working out measurable customer requirements (and therefore process requirements)
  • Development of a higher order process mapping (SIPOC) for the identification of essential input and output variables and their specifications


  • Development of influencing variables and derivation of measures
  • Prioritization of these measures
  • Creation of measurement planning and implementation of the measurement
  • Data preparation and first determination of the sigma level


  • The aim of the analyzes is to identify, verify and quantify the causes of errors
  • Cross Functional Process Mapping
  • Potential flowchart (value adding / not value adding)
  • Cause & effect matrix
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Hypothesis test (static proof of variances, random samples, etc.)
  • Conclusions / Results (Process Data View)


  • In the Improve phase, feasible and profitable solutions are found
  • for this solution ideas are generated,
  • solutions selected,
  • an implementation plan created and
  • this implemented and documented.


  • This phase ensures the sustainability of the improvements
  • For this purpose, the process objectives are further monitored (for example with control cards)
  • A response plan determines how to respond to deviations
  • Found solutions are standardized if possible

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