Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) describes a consistent methodology for the customer- and market-oriented development of processes, products and services. The basis of QFD is the separation of the customer requirement (what is required?) from the process or technical realization (how is it fulfilled?). The results of the QFD process are visualized in the so-called House of Quality.

With the help of the House of Quality a company can weight customer requirements and define product features or process requirements. In this way, relationships between customer requirements / needs and business needs / opportunities can be determined.

The customer's view may e.g. be collected through Bottle Neck Engineering. The simultaneous view of the market and the competition can be incorporated into product development through benchmarking or reverse engineering.

The exact sequence of a QFD also depends on the specific application. Often, the following nine steps are taken:

  • Capture the customer requirements:
    Market research and customer surveys identify all product features that are important for the customer.
  • Weighting of customer requirements:
    In addition, the preferences of the customers and corresponding weightings are collected by means of multidimensional scaling.
  • Competitive Analysis:
    the fulfillment of the requirements from the customer's point of view
  • Deriving the technical features / process requirements:
    The determined customer requirements are translated into application-oriented and quantifiable technical features / process characteristics.
  • Showing the interdependencies:
    Dependencies between the technical / procedural specifications need to be clarified in order to reveal complementary, neutral or conflictual relationships.
  • Create a relationship matrix:
    The next step is to systematically examine how strongly each process or technical requirement influences the individual customer requirements.
  • Quantify the specifications:
    The process / technical features are now specified.
  • Analyze the characteristics of the process / technical features:
    Customer requirements with high priority should be realized with specifications that are superior to the competing product.
  • Check the degree of fulfillment of the characteristics from the customer's point of view:
    Determination of the shares of the respective process / technical feature in the fulfillment of all customer requirements.

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