Reasons for changes in companies

Companies are undergoing constant change, more than ever. They are exposed to the pressure of action to adapt these changes continuously and flexibly in order to survive in the market in the long term and to remain competitive. It calls for dynamic strategies and rethinking that allows it to quickly adapt to shorter product lifecycles, ever-changing customer needs, new technologies, and global markets. In addition to these external influences in the social, market and competitive environment, reference may also be made to potential, internal causes of change. These include, for example, strategy-relevant concerns of key stakeholders, a discrepancy between strategy and structure and pronounced cost and innovation pressure. The reasons for changes in companies are therefore not only diverse but also highly complex and regarded as an everlasting challenge.

Lead change process sustainably to success

In this context, understanding one's own employees as a mouthpiece, driver and gatekeeper for a change process and paying attention to their demands and value structures is one of the most important success factors for sustainable change.

Because, according to various studies, almost 70% of all change projects are doomed to fail, with the main reason being the employees, who endanger the change process by resisting or relapsing into old patterns. A pure decision of the management department is therefore often not enough to allow a rethinking to take place. Although executives are often the initiators of change, setting the framework and stipulations top-down, but the design and implementation is largely due to the employees who help shape and develop innovations bottom-up. Many sufferers want to know what to expect, how they are part of the solution and what they should change. Appropriate preparation and qualification of the individual employees is indispensable, whereby the degree of involvement of the employees depends on the corporate culture, the tradition and the established management style.

Understanding and shaping the change

In order to sustainably lead a change process to success, the new content and abilities resulting from the change must be conveyed, new career paths must be identified, and the necessary training must be developed and implemented. 

For this Six Sigma Deutschland offers a professional approach through which you have the opportunity to learn in a team, to understand and shape change to ultimately solve problems and optimize processes. Accompanied by our excellent trainers, you benefit from innovative food for thought and professional support in a pleasant coaching situation. Take a look at our training offers here.

Because only by a consistent and steady reorientation on the various circumstances, companies can assert themselves in their environment, meet the pressure to act and sustainably secure the company's success.

Organization Inhouse

Event form

The seminars are usually held as open events or in-house events. In an in-house seminar the previous knowledge can be considered.


The participants receive a qualification certificate from Six Sigma Deutschland GmbH, the content of the qualification corresponds to the Six Sigma concept of the American Society for Quality Management ASQ.


In-house training:
According to your wishes


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